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Peter Otte is a Web Developer, Designer, and Tenor

Peter Otte's Bio:

Peter Otte is the lead developer and creative director at Peter Otte Productions, LLC. We are based in Santa Barbara and serve clients in the United States and Europe. We're a small shop with about seven personnel. Our specialty is PHP. We have a strong design aesthetic. We recommend having a simple and easy to navigate interface for your web site. If you have other design needs, we can help with that as well. We provide Search Engine Optimization services, or SEO We also provide written content unless we feel that the subject matter is outside our area of knowledge, such as a highly specific scientific discipline. We provide photography and video production services. If you are interested in contacting us, we suggest emailing first. Try to include some details about your project. If you transmit within daylight hours, we usually reply back within an hour or so; otherwise, the next day. We also have some experience with other areas of design. You can see some samples under the portfolio tab. This comes in handy if your project encompasses more than web development and you'd like to have it all handled by one shop.

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Peter Otte's Interests & Activities:

When I graduated from college I wanted to write the great American novel. Most thought I was crazy. And they were right. I'm a terrible novelist. It took me decades to realize that, but along the way I discovered some interesting things. First, I'm pretty good with computers. Put me in front of one and my mind turns into a laser beam of concentration. I don't think I decided to become a web developer. I think it was fate. Secondly, while I'm a terrible novelist, I did learn a thing or two about how to construct a sentence. And I love word games. Every day you can spot me at Green Star Coffee on lunch break playing Whirly Word on my iPhone. Music is important and I've worked hard at it. I appear on a regular basis with Opera Santa Barbara's Men's Chorus. I grew up with rock and roll. I always thought Queen was cool. So maybe that explains this sort of discovery. But you know, it's opera. You either love it or respect it. Yeah, there's skiing. I don't really have much to say about it except that it's fun to do with the muffins. Alpine, not snowboarding. Old-fashioned that way. And then there's gardening. I like pruning and bringing plants back to life. A little watering, some soil nutrients, and little conversation. I also installed a hummingbird feeder and a regular bird feeder.

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